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All of these art objects for sale are individually cast, assembled and painted by hand which makes each piece a unique work. I keep a very limited supply and create new ones as they are ordered. I will be adding more designs and products as I create new stock from my collection of molds I've produced over the years so, check back for new works occasionaly.

All purchases must be made via my contacts page. All prices include shipping to anywhere in the United States, if you're ordering from outside the US, send me a message and I'll calculate the shipping costs for you. Thanks!

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Important note - This is not a direct-download. Your font will be emailed to you within 24 hours of your purchase. Thanks!

Lithophanes are translucent relief sculptures which when lit from behind create images with the thickness of the material providing the light and shadow to create a fascinating 3D effect.

Traditional lithophanes are cast in porcelain and are black & white sepia tone images. I put my own personal spin on the concept by casting them in translucent UV resistant resin and add color by airbrushing transparent colors on the back of the castings.

Each lithophane is individually cast in a translucent UV resistant resin (so it won't yellow from sunlight) and hand painted.
The nightlights have an acrylic base and a reflector to focus the light to illuminate the images from behind.

'Aura' is a window hanging lithophane which requires sunlight for the effect but, she looks beautiful even on cloudy days.


'Aura' is 7¼ inches tall by 5 inches wide (approx) and has a loop at the top that's large enough for you to hang with string, ribbon, beaded chain, etc. 



'Nigel' is an adorable lithophane, perfect to add fascination to a small window. The 'Nigel' lithophane measures 3x3½ inches (approx) and has two metal loops for hanging it with string or ribbon.  



This majestic fire breathing dragon lithophane nightlight ads a warm glow to any desk, night table or shelf. The Dragon Lithophane Nightlight measures 4¾ inches tall by 7 inches wide. (approx) There is an inline switch to turn the light on and off. The lamp (supplied) is a 40w candelabra base night light bulb.



Baby Dragon Skull Candle Holder

Baby Dragon Skull Candle Holder

Baby Dragon Skull Candle Holder

Baby Dragon Skull Candle Holder

Baby Dragon Skull Candle Holder

Baby Dragon Skull Candle Holder

Baby Dragon Skull Candle Holder

Baby Dragon Skull Candle Holder

This Demon Scull Lithophane nightlight and it's gold tone spiked frame makes a perfect gift for any demon lover. The Demon Skull Lithophane nightlight measures 7 inches tall by 5¾ inches wide. There is an inline switch to turn it on and off. The lamp (supplied) is a 40w candelabra base night light bulb.



The Baby Dragon Skull Candle Holder makes for an excellent conversation piece. Crafted to appear to have been polished and preserved as a trophy, it tells a story of how it came to be that I will leave to your imagination. It's an excellent piece to have nearby while reading a good fantasy novel.


This Item is cast in Ultracal 30 Cement, painted with acrylic washes and coated with a clear satin polyurethane. The 8 horns on top are cast separately and attached with an epoxy/resin adhesive. The piece measures 8 inches long, 4½ inches wide and 3½ inches tall. This piece weighs 1 pound 6 ounces. This item is intended as an art object for decoration. If used as a holder for a lit candle, never leave a lighted candle unattended. 



'In the Fall of Gravity' is an award winning stop motion animated 11 minute short film I completed in 2008. This film is available to see online for free but, this DVD will be signed to you and will also include a frame from the production of the film with hand painted elements.


Much of this film was shot on 35mm film and the frames were printed as 4"x6" photos so that I could hand paint in 2D animated elements. Painted features include birds in the background, strings and cuffs on the marionette's costume. This was done to give more of an artistic fantasy feel to the production. Those photo frames were later rephotographed to become part of the film, much like a classic hand painted 2D cell animated film. 


So with your signed copy of the film, I will include one of the frames with hand painted elements. The DVD also includes a lengthy behind the scenes video about the making of the film.


I was the creature designer for the 1987 film 'Metamorphosis: The Alien Factor' and was also involved with bringing this creature (and others) to life on screen. Because this film and creature are personally important to me, I didn't cut any corners to make the casting process easier such as blending the spikes into the body or close the jaws. This kit takes more time and care to cast but, the final product is worth the effort because it's a true accurate representation of the film's main creature.


This resin kit is unpainted and requires assembly. 

Kit includes 19 parts - 

Body front & back (2)

Neck top & bottom (2)

Large and small front legs (2)

Top & bottom jaws (2) 

Tendril claws (11)                                                                                                                                                  


Kits are produced when they are ordered so, please allow two weeks for delivery. 

Caution - This model kit contains small parts which can be a choking hazard.                                         $189.30

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