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A Diversity of Talents and Skills

As a practical special effects artist and stop motion animator, my skill sets are diverse because in most cases I personally handle nearly all aspects of the art I create. For example, my work as a puppet maker includes designing, sculpting, molding, casting, armature creation, painting, props and costume creation and so on. Please visit my 'Videos' page to see examples of my work in these areas.

Designer & Illustrator

My talents as an illustrator are primarily in the use of traditional art materials such as acrylic paints, colored pencil, airbrush art etc, but I am also skilled in the use of Photoshop and other digital illustration software.

I have provided many services as a 2-D artist, mural painting, portrait painting, faux painting , prop & puppet painting & finishing and decorative art. I've also worked as a designer of special effect make-up, props, puppets and more.

Prop and Puppet Maker

As  props and puppets maker, I am skilled in the use of a very wide range of materials and methods of production. The list of materials I use in the production of my art includes clay, plaster, rubber and rigid foams, wood, metals, plastics, fabrics and basically whatever it takes to get the job done.


My methods involve carving, sculpting, basic machining, molding and casting. I have a great deal of experience molding casting rigid, flexible, foam and clear props and puppets on both a miniature and large scale.

Stop Motion Animator

I've worked professionally as a stop motion animator on both feature films and television commercials. I work equally well with puppets containing wire and ball & socket armatures or prop animation.


I work well given detailed direction as well as animating free style performance. I'm capable of providing realistic motion for realistic special effects as well as animation of a more cartoon style.

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